Moteoppvisning og fadderuke

Moteoppvisning og fadderuke

Bjørnes Høyskole samarbeider tett med Tanga International Competence Centre (TiCC) i Tanzania. Studenter fra flere av våre bachelorgrader har mulighet for studieopphold og/eller internship her, og i tillegg avholder vi den praktiske delen av tropemedisinkurs for helsepersonell i Tanga. I år kom Happy Loketo fra TICC for å holde moteoppvisning som kickstart på fadderuka!

En designerdrøm som gikk i oppfyllelse

Drømmen til Happy fra Tanga, Tanzania har gått i oppfyllelse. Hun er designer og denne uken hadde hun fashion show på Loftet.  Studentene våre stilte som modeller og moteoppvisningen ble en stor suksess! Senere i fadderuka delte Happy sin sterke historie om hvordan hun rømte fra arrangert ekteskap der hun skulle bli kone nummer fire til en eldre masaai.  (Under bildene i dette blogginnlegget kan du lese hennes sterke historie) Følg Happy på instagram: @enjimaasai


Fra Bjørknes Høyskole til Tanga, Tanzania

Mange av bachelorprogrammene ved Bjørknes Høyskole gir mulighet for studietur til TICC. I tillegg er det mulig å ta internship på TICC, skrive bacheloroppgaven sin der, eller jobbe som frivillig. Ta kontakt med din studieleder for å høre mer om dine muligheter, og følg TICC på facebook.


The main reason that pushed me into designing was interconnecting and becoming a voice of the voiceless to the girls who lead the same life as mine.


My life Story! By Happy Loketo


Who am I?

I’m Happy Loketo, born on 8th June, 1991 at Arusha-Tanzania, from famous African Pastoralists; The Maasai tribe. I’m from an extended polygamous family of 3 wives married to my father.


My father acepted the proposal to be a man’s wife

Traditionally the Maasai arrange marriages for their daughters whenever a man offers a dowry price regardless of the girl’s age. By the time I finished my Ordinary Level Secondary Education in 2009, a wealthy man already with 3 wives approached my father for my hand with a dowry of 25 plus cows. Without hesitations my father accepted the offer without my concern. This proposal was to block my access to education as my mother who wanted me to study couldn’t defend me as she was voiceless too.


Escaping an arranged marriage

I wasn’t ready to see my dreams and access to education extinguished. I made up my mind and decided to escape the arranged marriage. Supported by my mother and brother I run away. I sought help from various people and organizations until in 2011 when I met a kind Norwegian woman; Ruth Nesje, director of The Tanga International Competence Center (TICC). She kindly took me in under her wing, sent me to college in Mwanza, where I studied Procurement and Supply. On my 1st year of college, I started making and selling clothes. I used most of my free time meeting with different tailors, talking to them and learnt sewing, though it was not easy. After three years of study I graduated and joined TICC.


When education for girls was mere a dream

Family is the most treasured bond. Unbreakable I can say. As I was raised in an extended polygamous family where education for girls was a mere dream, I had to escape early forced marriage so as to get education and realize my dreams. I was forced to reduce my family circle into my mother; who has always encouraged me that I could be whoever I want ; My brother Meshack who always believed in me. Not forgetting my late brother Jacob, who inspired me to get education, start a business and realize my ambitions. May his loving soul rest in eternal peace.

Thus the life that I was forced to lead after my ordeal escape, the unbreakable bond, and love and support that my mother and siblings showed me is what shaped me to who I am today.


My identity @enjimaasai

My Identity as Enjimaasai (@enjimaasai) originated from “Enjipai” meaning Happiness- my name and “Maasai” my tribe. Thus I came up with Enjimaasai- a happy Maasai you can say. My line started by designing clothes out of Maasai attires and bead ornament. Now I explore other designs, specifically Afro-European culture.

The weaknesses I can recall is that I used to like working on one project at a time, but now I can multitask and still produce higher quality. I get nervous speaking in front of other people; some see me as a quiet woman. Learning to speak up and take charge hasn’t been easy, but it’s made my ability to work more efficiently and resulted in improved productivity in my job and personal dealings as well.



After graduating I joined The Tanga International Competence Center (TICC) with Ruth Nesje. I constantly kept showing interests in designing. A year later I received a sewing machine gift from Liv Isaksen direct from Norway. This rekindled my urge to pursue designing; I worked hard and launched my brand on 2016

Since I was young I loved looking neat & smart. I thus developed an interest in designing but never really thought that it could be this intense. I grew along nurturing this interest until 2011, that is when I practically started designing.


My vision:  “To produce High quality clothes at affordable price, while passing the voice for the voiceless”

“Against All Odds” You know, there will always be some problems in your journey. And you know what really define your journey, these problems, roadblocks, oddities; these odds are just there to add spices in your story. Accept your situation and whenever you face problems, say “damn you problems.”

Dreams Come True. Believe in your dreams, make time for your work, meet the right people and improve your circle. I did it not in mere luck but constantly worked and invested in my dreams. I did it, you can do it too.

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